Game Jam 2014

In April 2014, I competed in a 48-Hour Game Jam at FLCC, where we had just under 2 days to create a finished game from scratch. The theme was summer, and I worked in a team of 4 with Kyle Merkley, Zac Jaeckel-Zizzo, and Hunter Gallagher. Zac and Hunter worked as programmers, Kyle as the project manager, and me doing the visual work. Hunter and I both worked together on the music, and Zac and Kyle did the voice acting. The product won the competition, and won us each a Windows 8.1 developer phone, and got us a first chance to play with the Oculous Rift. The competition was sponsored by FLCC, Wegman’s, Sony and Microsoft. If you want to play the game, please check this link:

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