Sonic Smash Bros. 3 DX

Back in 2005, my parents rightfully took all my video games (mostly Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon) because of my obsessive nature, and then told me that I could only play the video games that I created. Immediately afterwards, I began using Google to search how to make games, and I found a program called “Game Maker”, which would allow even beginners to create games from scratch. I experimented for 2 years and created all sorts of games– from 2D top-down shooter games to 3D maze games and even a Super Paper Mario-inspired 2.5D platform game engine in Game Maker.

I loved Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Smash Brothers, so I put Sonic in my own version of Smash Bros in my first iteration called “Sonic Smash Bros”. It was awful, but it was only for me to play. The second game was just as awful, but I deemed the 3rd iteration good enough to be my first internet release. Sadly, this project is so old and I really didn’t think anything of it when I put it online, so I didn’t back up any of the source files.

The game was lost for years until I found it uploaded by a fellow named Ricardo Gomez under the username “superriki83”. I couldn’t believe it; someone had thought a game made by a 12-year-old was good enough to steal and re-upload. Honestly, it was quite flattering, and the game would be lost forever if it weren’t for this guy. You can still find the game here:

For proof that this is my game, download it on a PC and run it. Press F1 for controls, along with the name of the creator– “Sci-Fi Knux”. Also, if you play the single player mode, the name “Sci-Fi Knux” is written in the level. Sci-Fi Knux is what I called myself before I changed my username to Scifiknux. Good thing I baked my name into the game, huh?

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