Solitude; my introduction to real game development. Although it never saw an official release, this is the project that has most shaped my experience in content management, working with a dynamic team, asset security, dealing with time zones, and working really, really hard.

My only prior experience had been creating games for myself in Game Maker, so working with an international team of super-talented designers was an eye-opening experience; I learned that each member had their own specific role, such as a programmer, texture artist, level designer, etc.

My contributions to the team were multiplayer levels, textures, UI graphics and design, memory management, scripting, sound effects and soundtrack composition (check post here).

Solitude won Top 100 Mods of the Year in 2008 and Top 100 Indie Games of the Year in 2009. If you’d like to check out the project page, please follow this link:


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