Insurrection Cutscene Demo

Insurrection was a game that was briefly developed by Inysis for iOS. The project allowed users to create or import their own levels from Blender into iTunes using a custom-made export plugin, then players could host games over Bluetooth for multiplayer.

Although the multiplayer aspects were enough to make Insurrection successful, we also created a basic story inspired by Battlefield 2142, where players stormed a beachfront and used a giant turret to destroy an enemy “Jericho”, which was a flying ship that would deploy soldiers and vehicles. This cutscene showed the player attempting to retreat back to base, only to find the enemy Jericho had deployed soldiers between him and the base.

This project was tested, but never released. We imported a fully textured version of Blood Gulch from Halo: Combat Evolved and played it with Insurrection’s engine and were pleased to see 35fps gameplay with Bluetooth multiplayer on an iPhone 3GS. Cutscene animated by Ranon Sorano, level design by CJ Pollock.

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